Address labels

Whether you have to send letters, large envelopes, packets, parcels, packages, mailing tubes, or boxes, Avery address labels allow you to do just that in the most efficient and professional way. You can choose your favourite Avery address label from a great selection of different formats, colours, and designs.

QuickPEEL Addressing Labels, Inkjet Addressing Labels, and Repositionable Addressing Labels are just a few examples of professional Avery address labels. Additionally, Avery address labels are environmentally friendly in three major aspects. Firstly, Avery labels allow you to re-use old packaging by completely covering everything underneath the label. Secondly, the adhesive address labels contain a water-based eco-friendly adhesive.

On top of that, Avery address labels are made with paper from well-managed forests. And last but not least, Avery also allows you to design customised address labels and customised return address labels. Just use one of the many convenient and free address label templates and develop personalised address labels in no time at all. Of course, Avery also offers you the right software for this process online. Whether you need customised address labels, sticky address labels, or return address labels, Avery will have the right offer for you!