Filing labels

Avery filing labels make organizing and archiving documents in files as simple as never before. Not only will these convenient filing labels save you plenty of time searching for archived documents, they will also allow you to re-use your old folders by completely covering old text. Furthermore, Avery name labels stick reliably to the spine of box files and thus allow you to retrieve any document at any time.

Avery stationery offers you a wide range of different filing label templates that you can design according to your individual needs. Whether you need to label ring binders, box files, or a lever arch file, Avery filing labels come in different sizes, colours, and designs. Whatever product you choose - filing labels for box files, filing labels for ring binders or fully personalised labels - the high quality of Avery filing solutions will surely enable you to find important documents in no time at all.

Once you have chosen an appropriate filing label template, you have two options. You can either label them manually or professionally with the help of free Avery software. That way you can save time and print labels that are already fully personalised. Develop your very own filing system that allows you to find important documents in the future with the help of Avery filling labels.