Shipping labels

Thanks to adhesive shipping labels by Avery you can professionally send letters and packages to any recipient on this planet. You can either label any shipping label manually or use the professional Avery design software. This software, which doesn’t require a download and can be used for free online, allows you to choose from numerous pre-designed shipping label templates.

Furthermore, Avery allows you to select shipping labels online from a variety of different designs, formats, and colours. If you are for example planning to send a package abroad, weatherproof shipping labels should be your first choice. They ensure that your personalised shipping label stays intact in all weather conditions. All Avery shipping labels are made of durable and strong polyester and are not only water and dirt resistant, but also tear-proof. In other words, these sticky labels will stay in one piece independently of how they are handled.

Once you have decided exactly which adhesive shipping label you are going to use for your mail, you can also make use of the free online Avery shipping label templates. That way, you can use your customised shipping labels in no time at all. It is this combination of convenient features that makes shipping labels by Avery the perfect solution for professional as well as private mail.