Sticky notes & notepads

If you are looking for new ways to organise your office or just your desk at home efficiently, Avery sticky notes and notepads can help you do just that. You can find a great variety of different sticky notes and notepads online and even get a free Avery sample. Simply choose your customised notepads from a range of different sizes, colours, and even materials.

Avery notepads are extremely handy: not only do they have a fully adhesive back, but can also be removed without leaving any stains. Thus sticky notepads are the perfect solution for everyday labelling. Avery also offers you the possibility to design your own personalised notepads and sticky notes. Thanks to these convenient custom notepads you won’t have to worry about missing important meetings anymore, forgetting a friend’s birthday, or paying an important bill on time.

Alternatively, you can also use printed notepads and sticky notes by Avery to label important documents and folders. Last but not least, sticky notepads can also be helpful when it comes to highlighting important information on a document. Avery label pads come to you in a protective, compact sized book – that way you can take your personalised notepads wherever you go. If you are interested in sticky notes and notepads by Avery, you can download a free sample online.